Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Go Sis Go!

Great weekend !!

As mentioned, my favorite sis and bambino of the fam graduated from COLLEGE this weekend & we celebrated big. Aside from the 100 degree weather & 3.5 hour graduation, her day was special & fun

To commence her fun four years at Auburn...

Caroline got a nice bottle of champagne & an autographed print out of this from her walking ATM Big Pops:


and an email of this from your truly:

(Sidenote: i'm certain Lina will get what Lina wants)

All jokes aside, You go sis! We are so very proud of you & congratulations on such a great accomplishment!! 


I got home yesterday to this.... Spring has Sprung! First Hydrangea in the new back yard. 

I'll be back tomorrow... I'm still struggling from hitting it big in a College Town...on a Sunday Night. Yikes.

 Photos credit of Pinterest, hoscotch&gracebike

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