Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 2 & Room Service

So, this is kind of fun. I must say it’s crazy how ‘public’ you can be via the www. I have learned a few new tech terms ..referring sites, google analytics?!  

Thank you to one of my most hilarious friends who blogs (more on her in a different post), my bff coworker, & my sweet sis and her cute friends for telling me to keep it up.

JH is definitely freaked out. To quote, ”funny joke you played on me with that whole blog thing”… “what do you mean joke? Want it be fun to document our little 1950’s ranch as we "spruce" it up along with our weekend adventures & life in itself” … “you are serious? why in the world would you think anyone wants or cares to know about what we are doing”….

Mr. Sensitive, eh?! I could have some fun torturing him with this.

After a little convincing I wouldn’t discuss him or air our dirty laundry, he loosened up a bit.

That was followed by constant pokes throughout the night… ‘oh look, catie is using the bathroom let’s blog about it’ or ‘oh, don’t forget to blog about how you put a dish towel under a bowl in the microwave & almost burnt our house down’ !

Enough Enough… blogging is fun!

*********Back to some substance & something really awesome******* 

So through my blog lurking, I learned about this incredible new charity in Atlanta:

A couple of amazing bloggers (Dayka & Erika) came together with a vision of combining their “love of design with their commitment to serve others.” Brilliant.

Enter The Nicholas House. A place ‘Assisting families in making the transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency.’

Combining a local shelter & creative ideas amongst talented designers, 
Room Service Atlanta was born in April 2011.

Several design bloggers just completed the first installation of rooms at The Nicholas House in Atlanta & here are a few pics that will blow your mind:



Is this not SO awesome?! How special & sweet for this family to have a place that feels like home.
*Design & Images by Sherry Hart

Next Room:



Unbelievable! So happy, clean, & a place to call home
*Design & Images by Lori May & wall painting by Kristin Davis

***See, this is the kind of stuff you get from surfing blogs***

Now I get to say/post how amazing you people are and your work & generosity do not go unnoticed!

For ways to help check out the website --

I hope to get involved soon!

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